Best answer: How much does a taxi cost in Kuala Lumpur?

How expensive are taxis in Kuala Lumpur?

How much is the taxi fare in Kuala Lumpur? The basic fee is MYR3. 00, the kilometer price is MYR1. 25.

How much does a taxi cost in Malaysia?

For taxis caught in a traffic jam, the fare will be RM3. 00 for the first 3 minutes, and 25 cents for every subsequent 36 seconds.

Useful tips on using Malaysian taxi services.

Type Estimated Taxi Fare
5km 10km
Budget RM8.00 RM14.25
TEKS1M RM10.00 RM17.50
Executive RM14.00 RM24.00

How do you call a taxi in Kuala Lumpur?

Our Hotline Number

  1. KUALA LUMPUR. TOWN TAXI booking number: +603 6259 2020. MAXI CAB booking number: +603 6259 1913.
  2. SEREMBAN. TOWN TAXI booking number: +606 761 3333. MAXI CAB booking number: +607 241 2233.
  3. JOHOR. TOWN TAXI booking number: +607 241 3111. MAXI CAB booking number: +607 241 2233.

How can I check Grab price in Malaysia?

What is fare alert

  1. At the booking page tap select your “Pick up and drop off point”
  2. Tap on the “Fare Alert” icon.
  3. Click “Set Alert”
  4. Once the feature is active, the icon will change to a “Green Active Icon”
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How much does grab charge per km Malaysia?

Grab has announced a reduction of GrabCar fares by up to 15%. The ride hailing app’s fares are now 20 sen lower per km, from RM1. 30 to RM1. 10 per km.

How much does grab charge per km?

The entry level GrabCar vehicle starts at a base fare of RM2. 00 and increases RM0. 70 per kilometer and RM0. 20 every minute.

What is the meaning of taxi fare?

Definitions of taxi fare. the fare charged for riding in a taxicab. synonyms: cab fare. type of: fare, transportation. the sum charged for riding in a public conveyance.

How can I check my grab fare?

To find out how we calculate your fare, just tap the “i” button of your ride’s icon in the Grab app. It’s a quick and easy way to help you learn and choose the best ride for you.

Do you tip taxi drivers in Malaysia?

In Malaysia it is not requirde or expected to tip your taxi driver. However, if you hire the driver for a few days, it may be nice to tip RM 25-50.

Is Kuala Lumpur safe at night?

Kuala Lumpur is a relatively safe city at night, however streets and areas with a high number of bars and clubs tend to see higher levels of crime at night. It’s best to avoid walking alone in badly-lit areas of Kuala Lumpur at night. If you can avoid walking at night completely, even better.

Is my car cheaper than Grab?

In terms of travel cost, it is obvious to state that MyCar is the cheaper alternative with RM8 only, while Grab charges RM14 on its platform. … In fact, fare rates for both Grab and MyCar may be different according to traffic conditions and weather situations.

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