Best answer: What does Hj mean in Vietnamese?

What is Hj in Vietnamese?

Hj = hi. Some peeps like to type J instead of I in text messages to make it look fun.

What does J mean in Vietnamese?

For example, dj = đi, bjet or bjt = biết. Some may write gì as ji or j. … if you were talking about me you’d write T for Thảo). And of course VN is Việt Nam! These are the most common abbreviations for texting in Vietnamese that I’ve come across, though young people may use more than this!

What does HIC mean in Vietnamese?

hjx, hix, hic, híc, hít …ect. simply imply crying sound/noise, so that means someone would use them to show their bad moods.

What does Hon mean in Vietnamese?

Verb. hôn • (㖧) (especially on the lips) to kiss Synonyms: mi, thơm.

What does JK JK mean?

JKJK. Just Kidding, Just Kidding (the latter cancels the former) Internet » Chat. Rate it: JKJK.

What does VK mean in Vietnamese?

vk means wife ck means husband.

What is VCL Vietnam?

2015 marks the 10th anniversary of the implementation of Vietnam’s Competition Law 2004 (“the VCL”), which is the first-ever comprehensive competition law in Vietnam. … This is not only harmful to Vietnam’s economy but also a challenge to Vietnam’s joining the ASEAN Economic Community in 2015.

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What does UK mean in Vietnamese?

volume_up. United Kingdom {noun} VI. Vương Quốc Anh.

Can 2 foreigners get married in Vietnam?

The laws of Vietnam do not actually provide for marriages between two non-Vietnamese citizens, unless one of the two foreigners is having permanent resident permit or temporary resident permit in Vietnam. 2. … This affidavit must be signed within six months of application for a marriage certificate.