Best answer: What is Mal Malaysia?

What is a mal number?

Description. Content (English) A MAL code number (Målteknisk Arbejdshygiejnisk Luftbehov — Targeted Occupational Hygiene Air Needs) provides information on how to protect against the health risks that may be associated with working with a chemical product, e.g. during graphic printing.

How do I find my mal number?

The registration number starts with ‘MAL’, followed by eight numbers, and ending with the letter T,A,X or N. To check the list of products registered with the DCA, visit the official website of the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency,

How do you interpret a mal number?

Each registered product has a registration number which is printed on the product label and/or on the product packaging1. The product registration number will start with ‘MAL’ followed by an 8 digit numbers and lastly the category of the product. Example: MAL19976399X, MAL15065021NCR, MAL14035062TS and others.

How do I know if my medicine is approved by KKM?

Users can check the registration status of a product through the / OR by contacting the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency at 03-78835400. If the product is a registered product, the registration status will be displayed.

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What is Mal product?

MAL seem to be a mark on most health care product or medication and cosmetic, it is a number to show the originality of a product. In order to get Malaysian Authorised License (MAL), the manufacturer has to comply with the Malaysian Guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

How do I register my product in Malaysia?

1) Go to NPRA website ( > Industry > First Time User > Register USB Token. 2) Apply for QUEST Membership. 3) Upon Quest membership approval, purchase USB Token from MSC Trustgate. 4) Login Quest to submit product registration application.

What is the most profitable drug in the world?

Best selling pharmaceuticals of 2017/18

Rank Drug 2018 sales (million USD)
1 adalimumab 19 936
3 apixaban 9872
4 lenalidomide 9685
5 nivolumab 7570

Does Malaysia have FDA?

IAS and its FDA registration services in Malaysia

We offer FDA registration services in Malaysia and also various countries across the globe.

What is the equivalent of FDA in Malaysia?

The Drug Control Agency (DCA), under Malaysia’s Ministry of Health (MOH), oversees drug registration.

What is Drug Control Authority?

The Drug Control Authority (DCA) is the executive body established under the Control of Drugs and Cosmetics Regulations 1984. … Registration of pharmaceutical products and cosmetics. Licensing of premises for importer, manufacturer and wholesaler. Monitoring the quality of registered products in the market.

What is product registration number?

Every registered drug is given a registration number, which must be printed on its label or package. These numbers start with MAL. Example of a registration number is: MAL19976399X.

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