Best answer: Where can I find old newspaper articles in the Philippines?

Where can I look up old newspaper articles?

There are three major web searchable archives in the U.S.:

  • Google’s Historical Newspapers:
  • (
  • Newsbank’s Newspaper Archive (

Are there any free newspaper archives?

The Ancestor Hunt – Newspaper Research Links – over 39,000 free newspaper titles and links for the U.S. and Canada. (Note: includes all the titles from Chronicling America, Fulton, Advantage Archives and Google).

How can I find old newspapers online for free?

Guides to Online Free Newspapers

  1. Chronicling America: Historic Newspapers. …
  2. Search the World’s Historical Newspaper Archive. …
  3. Europeana: Newspapers. …
  4. Google Newspaper Archive. …
  5. ICON: International Coalition on Newspapers: International Collections. …
  6. ICON: International Coalition on Newspapers: United States.

How do I find news articles by date?

Search Google News for articles within a date range

  1. Go to Google News.
  2. Click on the drop-down arrow in the right side of the search box.
  3. From the drop-down menu, look for Date added to Google News: and choose your convenient option.
  4. Click Search.

Where can I find old newspapers online?

Library of Congress – The Library of Congress has a large repository of historic newspapers published in America between 1880 and 1922, available as PDFs.

Archives of Popular Newspapers and News agencies

  • Times Machine – This has archived editions of The New York Times from 1851 through 1922. …
  • Times Archive – The Times.
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Are old newspaper articles worth money?

Many old papers are valuable, but not everyone knows which old papers have worth. Usually, papers that are worth more are the ones featuring a significant moment in history. The moon landing newspaper, for example, is a frequent collectible. … Some individual publications of rare newspapers are worth a lot of money.

How do I find old newspapers on Google?

Begin with the newspaper list to browse directly to a specific newspaper title in the Google News Archive. Once you select a title of interest, you can easily navigate to a specific date using the arrows or, even faster, by entering the date in the date box (this can be a year, month and year, or a specific date).