Can Alibaba deliver to the Philippines?

Can Alibaba ship to Philippines door to door?

If you want to easily transport goods around the planet via. door to door delivery to philippines, offers you an easy solution. Experienced partners make the process of transporting “dangerous goods” easy.

Does Aliexpress deliver to Philippines?

ColisExpat receives your Aliexpress purchases and forwards them at your house in the Philippines. Aliexpress proposes a wide range of products from different categories: clothing, electronics, mobile phones, decorative objects… but they do not ship to every country in the world.

How do I ship from China to Philippines?

The importers must present a set of following documents to the customs when the goods arrive in the country;

  1. Bill of lading in case of sea shipment or airway bill in case of shipment by air.
  2. Commercial invoice.
  3. Packing list.
  4. Import license.
  5. Certificate of the country of origin.
  6. Declaration of import for customs.

How much does it cost to ship from China to Philippines?

China to Manila

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Shipping cost: USD200-300/CBM for normal goods.

Does Alibaba have cash on delivery?

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Can I buy from Alibaba for personal use?

Yes, anyone can buy from Alibaba. Whether you’re an individual or a company that wants to import from China, you can order for products directly from manufacturers on Alibaba. The website essentially serves as an Internet directory where anyone can contact and buy directly from manufacturers.

How many days AliExpress take to deliver in Philippines?

AliExpress delivery time for standard shipping is 15-20 days depending on the location.

How much is it to ship from Alibaba?

Alibaba ships its products to over 200 countries. Goods that weigh less than or equal to 200 pounds are generally shipped by air transport. The average shipping costs range between $6 and $15 per pound. The items that weigh more than 200 pounds can be shipped using air or sea freight.

Do I have to pay customs for package from China to Philippines?

It diminished to zero, 90% of the taxes over items from China that are imported to the Philippines. Consequently, there is a great probability for you to pay no duties when importing products from China to the Philippines. … Here you will find the official website: Customs Philippines.

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How much is customs tax Philippines?

The Philippines Customs apply a value added tax (VAT) for imported goods at 12 percent. The Philippines’ customs levy no tariff or tax for goods worth less than P10,000 (US$200). The only exported good which incur a tariff are logs at 20 percent.

How long does it take to get from China port to Manila port?

Your freight will be at sea much longer than that. Ocean shipping takes at least seven days—and as many as 46 days.

How Long Does It Take to Ship Cargo by Sea to the Philippines?

Country of Origin China
Port of Origin Shanghai
Destination Port Manila
Transit Time LCL 9 Days
Transit Time FCL 15 Days