Do US cell phones work in the Philippines?

Can I buy iPhone in USA and use in Philippines?

You can purchase a phone, however they will not ship it to the Philippines. They will ship it to you. However, you need to ensure that you purchase an unlocked phone from Apple, and the warranty of the device is only good here in the US, so the device would have to be shipped back to you to bring to an Apple store.

Can I use my AT&T iPhone in the Philippines?

The iPhone is a world-class GSM phone that can be used on any GSM network. It would be smart NOT to use AT&T while in the Philippines and purchase a local SIM card during your visit.

Will Verizon phones work in the Philippines?

Verizon wireless is the only foreign CDMA provider who has existing contract with a Philippine-based provider, Bayan Telecommunications. So if your carrier is Verizon, you can probably avail a roaming service. Sprint Nextel’s CDMA phone can also be used in the Philippines as shown on their website roaming inquiry page.

Do US version phones work internationally?

Even most domestic, unlocked phones won’t work on those networks, because those carriers exclusively utilize CDMA technology. Those interested in buying an overseas phone should subscribe to a GSM carrier like T-Mobile and AT&T for the best chances of compatibility.

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How do I ship my iPhone from US to Philippines?

How to Send a Cell Phone to the Philippines

  1. Choose the courier you want to use to send the cell phone. …
  2. Prepare your package to make sure that the cell phone and its necessary accessories such as charger, earphones and manual are ready for sending. …
  3. Put the cell phone and its accessories in the box. …
  4. Pay the courier fees.

Can I use unlocked Iphone in Philippines?

Answer: A: If it’s factory unlocked, it will work in the Philippines. However, you may not get LTE service depending on the carrier’s compatibility: If you plan on using Globe or SMART, provided they are GSM (using a SIM card) carriers, then it should be fine.

How much does it cost to unlock a phone in the Philippines?

Unlocking your mobile phone in the Philippines

Your best bet would be to go to any independent mobile shop or service center in the Philippines and have them unlock or open-line your phone. Depending on the brand/model, unlocking your phone costs at least Php 500.

Can I use Tracfone in the Philippines?

No. TRACFONE cell phones don’t work outside of the United States, Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands.