Does Malaysia use line?

Which messaging app is used in Malaysia?

WhatsApp is currently by far the most popular Instant Messaging (IM) app for smartphones in Malaysia, used by 96% of workers once a month or more frequently. Rounding off the top five most popular messaging applications in Malaysia are Facebook Messenger (68%), Skype (60%), WeChat (46%) and Viber (31%).

Is LINE popular in UK?

Social app Line targets UK after signing up 260m users (including Sir Paul McCartney) … Line is certainly huge, having signed up more than 260m users since its launch two years ago, with 160m of them having registered in 2013 so far.

Is LINE popular in Japan?

The messaging app LINE is Japan’s most popular online communication tool, reaching 86 million monthly actives users (MAU) in Japan during the third quarter of 2020.

Do Malaysian people use WhatsApp?

As of May 2020, about 98.7 percent of respondents in Malaysia stated that their favorite communication application was Whatsapp. In comparison, approximately 54 percent of respondents stated that they used Facebook Messenger.

Can I use WhatsApp in Malaysia?

In WhatsApp usage behavior, Malaysia is considered as digital forerunner because 97% of the Malaysian population uses WhatsApp daily.

Does Indonesia use messenger?

Indonesia is a famously chat-happy nation. According to Inmobi’s report “State of mobile messaging in Indonesia,” 97 percent of mobile users in Indonesia access messaging apps multiple times in a day, and have an average of 3.6 different messaging apps installed on their phone.

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Does Indonesia use WeChat?

Bank Indonesia (BI) has officially granted China-based e-wallet heavyweight WeChat Pay a permit to operate in the country. BI deputy governor Sugeng said the central bank granted the permit on Jan. 1. “WeChat Pay is now legal [in the country],” he said on Saturday as quoted by via Kontan.