Frequent question: Are weapons allowed in Singapore?

Can you own firearms in Singapore?

Singapore has perhaps the world’s strictest gun laws. Ordinary citizens are not permitted access to any firearms and, if caught, are physically beaten by caning with no fewer than six strokes, according to the Arms Offences Act.

Is Sword legal in Singapore?

That’s right, it is legal to own a sword in Singapore. There’s a catch though — you have to be above 18. … Not to mention, swords are expensive, and you’re are not allowed to carry the prized possession out in public without any lawful purpose, according to the Singapore Police Force.

Who can own gun in Singapore?

Applicant must be 14 years old and above. Applicant must possess a valid class license before booking. Class License fee is $80 per year, payable to PLRD upon approval. Only applicant with Singpass is eligible to apply for the license.

Is self defense allowed in Singapore?

Under section 97(a) of the Penal Code, every individual has the right to defend himself or any other person, against any offence that could cause physical harm to the human body. … In certain circumstances, the individual can kill the offender when exercising the right of private defence.

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Can I carry a knife in Singapore?

The store sells fixed blade knives, axes, parangs and chopping tools – all of which are “permissible” items, according to classifications by the Singapore Police Force (SPF). This means they may be brought into Singapore without the need for a licence, permit, authorisation or approval from the police.

Is carrying an AXE illegal?

It is legal to carry hatchets openly in some states while others ban the possession of them outright. Typically, if you can prove that you are only using them as tools or props for a profession and not for malicious intent, you can legally have a hatchet on your person in most circumstances.

Are wooden katanas legal in Singapore?

Wooden or plastic swords and retractable tai-chi swords that have no blade are not regulated. 8. Spear and Spear head A spear is a pole weapon consisting of a shaft, usually of wood, with a pointed head. 9.

Can you own an air rifle in Singapore?

Singapore. In Singapore, airguns are classified as ‘arms’, in the same category as firearms utilising gunpowder as propellant among other weapons. It is necessary to obtain a licence from the Singapore Police Force before one can import, export or own an airgun.

Are nunchucks illegal in Singapore?

However, in 1972, Nunchaku was banned by the government of Singapore as it was deemed to be an offensive weapon. … In 1975, then 23-year-old Sethupillay Rajaretnam became the first man in Singapore to be jailed and caned for possessing nunchaku.