Frequent question: What is MTP Malaysia?

Do I need MTP to exit Malaysia?

The Malaysian Immigration Department (Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia/JIM) announced on Wednesday (29 September 2021) that effective 1 October 2021, all Malaysian citizens who wish to leave the country for selected purposes will be exempted from applying for MyTravelPass (MTP) approval.

What is MTP approval?

MTP (approval) will be issued (via e-mail) 72 hours before departure date. Arrival in Malaysia. Travellers must check-in MySejahtera mobile application upon arrival at respective point of entry. Traveller to present passport and MTP Approval during immigration clearance at point of entry.

What is MyTravelPass?

Launched in October 2020, MyTravelPass is an online system that lets Malaysians and foreigners apply for entry or exit permits during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is meant to replace email applications, and reduce the application time to a maximum of five days.

Can PR enter Malaysia?

Foreigners who wish to enter Malaysia with purpose of : Permanent Resident (PR) Official and Business (meeting, conference and others) and. Social visit purpose : compassionate ground (critically ill / emergency / death).

Can I quarantine at home in Malaysia?


Fully vaccinated travellers now have the option to quarantine from the comfort of their homes when they arrive in Malaysia.

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Can I transit through Malaysia Covid?

Malaysia is currently permitting international transit to third-country destinations through Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The conditions that apply are: … Your baggage needs to be checked all the way through to the final destination – you cannot pick it up in KLIA and check it in again.

Can Malaysian exit Malaysia now?

Effective October 11, 2021, fully vaccinated Malaysian citizens no longer need to apply for My Travel Pass approval to exit Malaysia. Please direct further questions to Malaysian Immigration. Note that quarantine requirements upon return, as discussed below, continue to apply to all travelers.

How long does it take for MTP approval?

2. Complete applications with the necessary supporting documents will be processed by the Immigration Department of Malaysia within five (5) working days, after which the applicant will be informed via email on the status of their application.

Can Malaysians enter Singapore now?

Entry into Singapore under the Singapore-issued PCA is open only to the following groups of travellers: (i) Malaysia Citizens and Malaysia Permanent Residents holding a valid Singapore-issued work pass; or (ii) Malaysia Citizens who are Singapore Permanent Residents.

Can Malaysians leave the country?

While Malaysians are now allowed to travel overseas, different countries have different travel restrictions, with many requiring travellers to conduct a COVID-19 swab test prior to departure.