Frequent question: What is Santa Claus called in Thailand?

How do you say Santa Claus in Thailand?

Santa Claus (ซานตาคลอส – saan-dtaa-klôt)

What is Santa called in Asia?

Santa Haraboji, or Grandfather Santa, looks similar to the Western Santa, but he wears a traditional Korean hat (갓 gat) and a blue suit instead of a red one.

What is Santa called in other countries?

Names for Santa Around the World

Country Name
Poland Swiety Mikolaj (St. Nicholas)
Russia Ded Moroz (?Grandfather Frost?)
Sweden Jultomten (?Christmas brownie?)
United Kingdom Father Christmas

What is Christmas like in Korea?

Christmas mass or special church services are attended on Christmas Eve or Day – even some non-Christians may attend Christmas Day services to absorb the season’s traditions. Most Koreans will not celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday and instead treat it as a day to celebrate with family or friends.

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