Frequent question: What was the US involvement in Indochina?

Why did the US get involved in Indochina?

The USA was afraid that communism would spread to South Vietnam and then the rest of Asia. It decided to send money, supplies and military advisers to help the South Vietnamese Government.

What role did the US play in the first Indochina War?

The Vietnamese rebels were also allowed to use southern China as a staging point for attacks into northern Vietnam. The United States of America wanted to support nationalists, or the people who fight for the right to self-govern and to be free from foreign colonizers.

What position did the United States during the Indochina wars?

Answer Expert Verified The position that the United States took during the Indochina Wars is the second choice – it supported France because it wanted to limit communism in Southeast Asia.

Did the US support Vietnam in the Indochina War?

The United States, which had supported France during the first Indochina war, backed the South Vietnamese government in opposition to the National Liberation Front and the Communist-allied NVA. The North benefited from military and financial support from China and the Soviet Union, members of the Communist bloc.

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What events led to the American involvement in Vietnam quizlet?

What events led to the American involvement in Vietnam? The United States supported Diem even though he was unpopular; they sent in military supplies and advisors to help the South Vietnamese; after a U.S. ship was attacked in the Gulf of Tonkin, the president was authorized to commit ground troops.

Why did the United States get involved in this conflict?

The main reason the United States got involved in Korea was the purpose of doing everything possible to keep communism from spreading around world. … Truman argued that the United States should actively support the containment of Soviet Communism in the years immediately after World War II.

How did the United States first become involved in Vietnam quizlet?

a Vietnamese leader who demanded Vietnam’s independence from France. … When North Vietnamese (communist) patrol boats attacked American destroyers, this led to all out war with North Vietnam. The US also got involved to stop communism from spreading from North to South Vietnam.

Why did the United States military first become involved in Vietnam quizlet?

Why did the United States military first become involved in Vietnam? U.S leaders worried that Vietnam could spread communism throughout the region.

Why did the United States withdraw its troops from Vietnam?

The United States withdrew from the Vietnam War for several reasons. The Army had to fight in unfamiliar territory, was lacking in moral, were not prepared for the conditions, could not shut down the Ho Chi Minh Trail, and were untrained to respond to guerilla warfare.

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