How can I get marriage certificate in Malaysia?

How can I get a copy of my marriage certificate in Malaysia?

Malaysia – Apply Or Search for Marriage Certificate

  1. Visit the concerned authority.
  2. Fill the application form with the complete information. …
  3. Submit the necessary documents.
  4. Pay the prescribed fee.

How can I do online marriage?

Documents Required for Marriage Registration Online

  1. Proof of Address – Voter ID / Ration Card / Passport / Driving License.
  2. Proof of Date of Birth of both husband and wife.
  3. 2 passport sized photographs.
  4. Separate Marriage Affidavits in prescribed format from Husband & Wife.
  5. Marriage Invitation Card.
  6. Aadhaar Card.

How can I register my marriage in Malaysian embassy?

Fee / Documents To Be Submitted

  1. Application Form (Borang D) duly-filled 1 sets.
  2. Singapore birth certificate of child (Original & 2 photocopies)
  3. Birth certificate of both parents.
  4. Paspport of both parents.
  5. Malaysian marriage certificate.
  6. Identity cards of both parents (Malaysia & Singapore PR) (Original & 2 photocopies)

Can we download marriage certificate online?

You can now apply for a marriage certificate online in many states of India. Various State governments have started civil registration portal for birth & death certificate, marriage certificate and other documents.

How can I get my marriage certificate online in up?

Step 1: Visit the home page of the Integrated Grievance Redressal System (IGRSUP). Step 2: By clicking the option, apply under Marriage registration, the page will redirect to the next page. Step 3: In this page, enter the Aadhaar number of the Groom.

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What are the documents required for marriage registration?

Registration of Marriage

  • Form of Notice of Intended Marriage (4 copies)
  • Declaration (by prospective bride and bridegroom) (2 copies)
  • Sworn Affidavit (by prospective bride and bridegroom) (1 copy to be filled by each)
  • Four (4) identical recent passport size photographs of bridegroom and bride.

Where can I register my marriage in Malaysia?

Registration of Marriage may be made at the offices of the National Registration Department (NRD), the Malaysian Representative Office overseas, at the church, temple or at an association by a certified Assistant Registrar of Marriage (PPP).

How do I register my marriage in Malaysia?

The couple needs to re-register their marriage under Section 31 of Act 164 either at the nearest NRD office or at a Malaysian consulate. The re-registration of marriage MUST be made: within 6 months after the date of marriage; or.