How do you calculate hollow blocks in the Philippines?

How is CHB calculated in the Philippines?

Determine your initial wall area:

  1. Square Wall Area = Length * Height. = 5m * 3m. = 15m2
  2. Door Area = 2.1m * 0.6m. = 1.26m2 Window Area = 1m * 0.6m. = 0.6m2
  3. Total Wall Area = Initial Wall Area – Total Wall Opening Area. = 15m2 – 1.86m2 = 13.14m2
  4. No. of CHB = 13.14m2 * 12.5. = 164.25 pcs of CHB. ~ 165 pcs.

How much is hollow blocks in PH?

Masonry Works Prices Philippines

Masonry / CHB Wall Works
Concrete Hollow Blocks (CHB) 4″ pc 12.00
Concrete Hollow Blocks (CHB) 6″ pc 18.00
Portland Cement, 40 kg. bag 261.00
Washed sand cu.m. 1,365.00

How do you calculate sand and cement for CHB laying?

Based on the specified kind of mixture and CHB thickness, multiply your area with the corresponding values from the mortar proportion table:

  1. Quantity of Cement Bags = Area * Cement multiplier for a Class “B” mix. = 6m2 * 0.522.
  2. = 3.132 bags ~ 4 bags.
  3. Quantity of Sand = Area * Sand multiplier for a Class “B” mix. …
  4. = 0.261 m3

How do I calculate concrete blocks?

Measure the length and height of the block in inches and then substitute the values in the equation square feet of block = (length of block x height of block) / 144. For example, a standard cement block measures 16 x 8 inches, so it covers 0.89 square feet — (16 x 8) / 144 = 0.89.

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How do you calculate mortar for hollow block work?

Multiply the area of the wall by 0.02 — the industry standard factor for calculating mortar volumes for block walls — if the wall is constructed from double open-ended bond beam blocks. The result is the volume of mortar required, expressed in cubic yards.

How much is one bag of cement in the Philippines?

The wholesale price of Lafarge (Republic brand) and Cemex (Rizal and Apo brands) is now at PHP184 per bag. Holcim Cement is selling at PHP170 for pick-up and PHP180 for delivered product. In Batangas, the retail price of Holcim cement is between PHP190 to PHP195 per bag.

What is the price of hollow block?

Questions & Answers on Concrete Hollow Blocks

Material Min Price Max Price
Concrete Rs 28/Piece Rs 50/Piece

How much concrete do I need for hollow blocks?

Concrete blocks are often made of 1:3:6 concrete with a maximum size aggregate of 10mm or a cement-sand mixture with a ratio of 1:7, 1:8 or 1:9. These mixtures, if properly cured, give concrete blocks a compression strength well above what is required in a one-storey building.