How do you get to Trang Thailand?

Is Trang Thailand worth visiting?

Located in the south of Thailand, home to towering limestone karsts and white sand beaches, is the stunning Trang province. … And while those islands are indeed gorgeous, it’s worth spending at least one day here to experience an authentic Thai city that hasn’t been spoilt by tourism.

Is Trang a city in Thailand?

Trang, town, southern Thailand, on the Malay Peninsula. Trang is an inland town on the Trang River and is a centre for rubber production. A spur links Trang and the nearby port of Kantang to the Bangkok-Singapore railway. Its airport has scheduled flights to other southern Thai towns.

What is Trang known for?

Koh Muk and Morakot Cave are the most prominent tourist attractions in Trang Sea. Koh Muk is famous for the island’s pristine sandy beaches and Tham Morakot or Morakot Cave which gets its name from the emerald water inside the cave. … The cave has magnificent layers of rocks and stalactites and stalagmites inside.

Is Trang safe?

In low season (May-Oct) the Trang area is recommended for experienced paddlers only. During high season (Nov-April) It’s perfectly calm and safe.

What does the name Trang mean?

Meaning of Trang: Name Trang in the Vietnamese origin, means An intelligent or a serious person. Name Trang is of Vietnamese origin and is a Girl name.

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Is Trang A Vietnamese last name?

Trang is a Vietnamese surname. It was formerly written as both 章 and 莊 in Chữ Nho, a script now almost entirely obsolete. The former is derived from the Chinese surname Zhang, the latter from Zhuang.

How do you get to Nha Trang?

However, the best and easiest way to reach Nha Trang, especially for international tourists is by flying out to Cam Ranh Airport nearby. The next best option is to take the overnight train, available from any of the neighbouring cities. However, the journey time can make it quite tedious.