How is public holiday work calculated in Malaysia?

How is public holiday pay calculated in Malaysia?

The rules for working on a Public Holiday; working normal working hours is paid at 2 days wages at ordinary rate of pay. For working on a Public holiday in excess of normal working hours, it is paid at 3 x the hourly rate of pay.

How is public holiday work calculated?

If the employee works on that public holiday, the employer must pay in at least double his normal wage rate for the day (section 18(b) (1)), or, if it is greater, his normal wage rate for the day plus the amount earned by the employee for the time worked on that day.

How is ot 1.5 calculated?

Overtime pay is calculated as follows: Hourly basic rate of pay × 1.5 × number of hours worked overtime.

How overtime pay is calculated.

For this category of employee Hourly basic rate of pay is
Monthly-rated employee (12 x Monthly basic rate of pay) / (52 x 44)

Is it double pay on public holidays?

Casual employees who work on a public holiday are to be paid at the rate of double time and three quarters (275%) of the ordinary/base rate of pay, with a minimum of two hours at that rate.

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How do I calculate my overtime pay?

Overtime pay is calculated: Hourly pay rate x 1.5 x overtime hours worked. Here is an example of total pay for an employee who worked 42 hours in a workweek: Regular pay rate x 40 hours = Regular pay, plus. Regular pay rate x 1.5 x 2 hours = Overtime pay, equals.

What is the formula for calculating overtime?

Calculating Overtime Pay

  1. $20 x 1.5 (overtime rate) x 10 hours (overtime) = $300. $800 + $300 = $1100 (total)
  2. $20 x 20 hours + $30 x 30 hours = $1300. $1300 / 50 hours = $26. …
  3. $100 x 5 = $500. $500 / 50 hours = $10 (regular rate) …
  4. 150 pieces x $10 = $1500. $1500 / 50 hours = $30 (regular rate) …
  5. $600 / 40 = $15 (regular rate)

Is overtime calculated on basic or gross salary?

Basic salary is a rate of pay agreed upon by an employer and employee and does not include overtime or any extra compensation. Gross salary, however, is the amount paid before tax or other deductions and includes overtime pay and bonuses.

What happens when your payday falls on a public holiday?

“If your pay falls due on a public holiday, you must be paid at or before the public holiday, otherwise it would be a breach of the Fair Work Act 2009. A number of businesses I know of have changed their pay day from a Monday to a Tuesday because of the Monday Public Holiday frequency.”