How old are the trees in Angkor Wat?

What are the trees at Angkor Wat?

“Spung” trees (Tetrameles nudiflora) or “Thitpok”, sometimes known in English as Silk Cotton trees, growing on the walls of many temples, are the most famous trees of Angkor, giving its charm to the temple of Ta Prohm.

How old are the ruins at Angkor Wat?

They were built over a 500-year period between 790 and 1307 C.E., by a succession of Khmer kings. The biggest and most impressive of the temples, Angkor Wat, was built by Suryavarman II around 1100.

Why has Ta Prohm not been restored?

Ta Prohm has been deliberately left untouched over these years, except for clearing a path for visitors and strengthening some structures which were in danger of falling, in order to demonstrate the interface between the built environment and nature. It is difficult to tell which is supporting the other now.

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