Is Thailand celebrating Songkran this year?

Is Songkran Cancelled 2021?

Songkran celebrations canceled in Thailand amid COVID-19 pandemic – Global Times. As Thailand saw a flare-up of COVID-19 infections, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has canceled celebrations of Songkran, the Thai New Year festival.

Does 2021 have Songkran?

Songkran was cancelled for the first time in 2020 due to pandemic lockdowns and safety concerns. 2021 also comes with new guidelines as festivities are hampered down to focus more on traditional aspects and away from water fights.

When did Thailand change the New Year day from 13th April to 1st January?

In Thailand, New Year is now officially celebrated on January 1st, in line with almost all other countries. Songkran was the official New Year until 1888, when it was switched to a fixed date of April 1st. It wasn’t until 1940, that this date was then shifted to January 1st.

Why is Thai New Year in April?

The traditional Thai New Year Songkran was transformed into a national holiday. Celebrations are famous for the public water fights framed as ritual cleansing.

Songkran (Thailand)

Observed by Thai and Malaysian Siamese
Significance Marks the Thai New Year
Begins 13 April
Ends 15 April

Why is Songkran celebrated?

Songkran is the traditional Thai New Year festival since the former time. It is a celebration that embraces goodwill, love, compassion. and thankfulness, using water as the means of expression. The word Songkran derives from Sanskrit meaning to move or step forward.

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Is Songkran a national holiday?

The Songkran Festival is a national holiday in Thailand. It marks the beginning of the Thai New Year. The word Songkran is derived from the Sanskrit work samkranti, which means astrological passage.

How long does Songkran last?

Note: Songkran in Thailand is officially observed 3 days as a national vacation, and though the government may announce varying official dates, it’s usually between the 13th and 15th of April. Even so, celebrations often last an entire week!

How do Thai celebrate New Year?

How Do Thai People Celebrate the New Year? … For the January New Year’s celebration, Thai people often exchange gifts with friends and family members. It’s also common for them to pay a visit to their local temple so that they can make merit, participate in temple rites and otherwise ring in the coming year.

Which countries celebrate Songkran?

Thais are celebrating this year’s Songkran festival, also known as the Buddhist New Year. The festival, held between 13 and 15 April in Thailand, is also celebrated in Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. Songkran is often referred to as the biggest water fight in the world.