Is the national game of Indonesia?

Which country football is national game?

National Games of Countries

Country Sport & Game
Brazil Football
Canada Ice Hockey (winter) / Lacrosse (summer)
China Table Tennis
Chile Chilean Rodeo

What is the national sport of Indonesia?

National sports of Indonesia is Badminton.

What sports do Indonesia play in the Olympics?

The National Olympic Committee for Indonesia was created in 1946 and recognized in 1952. As of 2020, Indonesian athletes have won a total of 37 medals, twenty-one in badminton, fifteen in weightlifting and one in archery.


Medal Bronze
Name Hermawan Susanto
Games 1992 Barcelona
Sport Badminton
Event Men’s singles

How popular is Indonesian soccer?

During the survey, 8.11 percent of Indonesian respondents stated they play soccer/football regularly.

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