Question: How many temples are there in Angkor Thom?

Are Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom the same?

In reality, Angkor Wat is a temple city build in the 12th century. Angkor Thom was a fortressed city state built in the 13th century with multiple temples, with the Bayon (the one with many faces) at its heart. The Ta Prohm Temple (also famously known as the jungle temple) is outside Angkor Thom.

What are the different temples of Angkor Wat?

Most of these can be visited in a day, especially with a well-organised temple tour.

  • Angkor Wat Temple.
  • Bayon Temple.
  • Banteay Srei Temple (Citadel of the Women)
  • Ta Prohm Temple.
  • Angkor Thom Temples.
  • Preah Khan Temple.
  • Pre Rup Temple.
  • Phnom Bakheng Temple.

What are the faces on Bayon temple?

Bayon is a Buddhist shrine. 216 smiling, serene faces were carved onto gigantic towers. The faces were carved to look like Jayavarman VII. Since the construction of the temple, several of these towers have toppled.

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