Question: What are the similarities between Thailand and Japan?

What do Thailand and Japan have in common?

In addition to the fact that both are flatlands surrounded by mountains and rich in water, they also have things in common such as tourism promotion, initiatives for community revitalization, and local specialties.

Is Thailand and Japan the same?

Japan is more spread out as it consists of a series of islands in an archipelago, while Thailand consists of one large mainland and then many smaller islands in the south. Japan is a volcanic country with many mountains and geothermal areas covered largely in forests and farmland.

Is Thai culture similar to Japanese?

Both cultures are high in power distance, but Thai culture is somewhat higher. Both are rated low in individualism which indicates a collective orientation, but Thai culture is more collective than the Japanese. Japanese culture is significantly higher in masculinity, and moderately higher in uncertainty avoidance.

How many Japanese are in Thailand?

Number of Japanese Nationals residing in Thailand: 75,674 (as of Oct. 2018)

What is the difference between Thai food and Japanese food?

With these cooking methods, iconic Thai food can be created which is sweet, salty sour, bitter, and spicy. On the other hand, Japanese cuisine is often prepared through methods such as grilling, pan-frying, pickling, stewing, steaming, deep-frying, and raw preparation.

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