Question: What is the population of Surabaya Indonesia?

Is Surabaya a capital?

Today Surabaya is the capital of the Indonesian Jawa Timur province (East Java). The city has become one of the major trading port cities in Asia, its Tanjung Perak harbor is the second busiest port in Indonesia. Surabaya has a population of around 3 million, more than 6 million people live in the metropolitan area.

Why is Surabaya so populated?

The city is one of the important financial, commercial, industrial, transportation, and entertainment hubs of the archipelago, arguably second only to Jakarta, and the Port of Tanjung Perak is Indonesia’s second-busiest seaport located on northern Surabaya.

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Is Surabaya safe?

Surabaya has a reputation as a safe city, but crimes do occasionally happen and expats living in Surabaya should always stay on their guard. The roads can be chaotic, so take extra care when crossing roads.

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