Question: Why does Angkor Wat appear on the Cambodian flag?

Why is Angkor Wat in the flag?

The flag also features a depiction of the Angkor Wat, which symbolizes justice, heritage and integrity. Combined, these elements also represent the nation’s religion, the king, and its people.

What temple is on the Cambodian flag?

The Cambodian flag has three horizontal, colored bands. The top and bottom bands are blue, and the double-width middle band is red. Centered in the red band is a black-outlined, white drawing of the ancient Khmer kingdom temple at Angkor, known as Angkor Wat.

What do the Colours on the Cambodian flag represent?

Red and blue are the traditional colours of Cambodia. The colour blue represents the King of Cambodia and the colour red represents the people of Cambodia. Angkor Wat represents Theravada Buddhism, which is the religion of the majority of Cambodia’s population.

What is on Cambodian flag?

How many flags did Cambodia have?

Cambodia has adopted a total of 10 different flags over the course of its history since the mid-19th century. The current flag was first adopted in 1948 when Cambodia was still a French protectorate, and was retained after the country gained self-rule from France in 1953.

When was Angkor found?

Archaeologists have worked around Siem Reap in northern Cambodia since soon after French naturalist Henri Mouhot ‘discovered’ Angkor Wat in 1860.

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