Quick Answer: Do Thai Buddhist monks eat meat?

What do monks eat in Thailand?

Some suggestions include brown rice with a small amount of protein and lots of vegetables. (While traditional Thai food mixes a little meat or fish with plentiful vegetables, modern cuisine uses much more fat and sugar.) The project encourages monks to keep a log of their daily physical activities.

Does Buddhist in Thailand eat beef?

If you worship Ganesh or Guan Yin, it’s a sin to eat beef. In Thailand, with many people eschewing beef, dishes have been adapted to include pork, chicken or fish instead. … Traditionally, Thais consumed two kinds of meat from big animals: cow and buffalo. In the past, people in certain areas ate beef, but not buffalo.

Do monks in Thailand eat meat?

In Buddhist countries, vegetarianism can be a religious obligation. … Theravada Buddhism, which is followed in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Burma, Laos and Cambodia, does not prohibit meat. Monks are permitted to eat it. And a book on Thai Buddhism published in Bangkok states that the Buddha ate pork at his final meal.

Why do Thai monks eat meat?

Monks cannot picky. If people offer you meat as food. They have to eat unless it making them sick. They eat to get energy and use that energy for doing a good deed.

Why does Dalai Lama eat meat?

He doesn’t eat dinner

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That’s because, according to monastic texts, Buddhist monks and nuns are prohibited from eating solid food after midday. Although it’s a controversial view amongs Buddhist practitioners in many ways and for many reasons, it’s one that the Dalai Lama certainly adheres to.