What advantages did the tunnels give the Viet Cong?

What advantages did Vietcong have?

What military advantages did the Vietcong have over the Americans? Knowledge of the land, ability to blend in with civilians, more of a reason to fight.

Who had the advantage in the Vietnam war?

The US had the most advanced war technology and was economically very powerful so they could invest heavily in the war. They also had South Vietnamese soldiers on their side. The US had a powerful air force and could use it to deploy troop support, bombing and raids.

How did the Vietcong use the geography to their advantage?

The rain forests, mountains and swampland of Vietnam provided the Viet Cong with an unlimited amount of well-concealed staging areas impenetrable by U.S. ground forces.

How many tunnel rats were killed in Vietnam?

Imagine been alone down there, a million miles from home during those crazy 10,000 days in Vietnam. That both sets of men had to endure this life is appalling. There were never more than 100 Tunnel Rats in country at any one time and around 700 in total. There were 36 killed and 200 wounded.

What were some American advantages in Vietnam Viet Cong advantages?

What military advantages did the Vietcong have over the Americans? They had many useful advantages such as effective hit and run tactics, a better knowledge of the land and the juggle, and they had the advantage of secrecy because they cold disguise themselves as civilians and attack troops.

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Why was the Vietcong successful against the United States?

Why were the Vietcong so successful against the United States? U.S. troops could not engage the Vietcong in traditional warfare. … It greatly damaged American popular support for the conflict.

What are the strengths of Vietnam?

Vietnam is one of the successes of Asia with consistently high GDP growth, strong exports and manufacturing sector, and a growing openness to business.