What are the ten flowers of Myanmar?

What are the different ten flowers of Myanmar describe each?

Ten skills are thought to belong to the Myanmar canon of traditional arts and crafts. These are called pan se myo, which translates to the “Ten Flowers.” These are blacksmithing, bronze casting, goldsmithing, lacquerware, masonry, painting, stone carving, stucco work, and turnery.

What are the 10 traditional arts in Myanmar?

Art has always been an integral part of the culture of Myanmar, so historically important that ten traditional art forms have been called pan sè myo or “The Ten Flowers.” These ten forms, include sculpture, blacksmithing, lacquerware, painting, woodcarving, stucco relief, masonry, turnery, and bronze casting, and have …

Which is called Pan SEL Myo?

Myanmar 10 best well-known traditional arts and crafts works which is called “Pan Sel Myo ( 10 Flowers ) ” ( 1 ) Panchi : It is the art of painting and that shows live animals and inan…

What kind of art is in Myanmar?

Some examples of artists are painters, photographers, sculptors, calligraphers, illustrators, printmakers, and graphic designers. They may produce art as a hobby for their personal use, or they may be hired to work as a professional artist.

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What is Panyun?

Panyun means an art that produces materials in bamboo, wood and thick blackpaint (thit-se). … On a detailed framework of process, finely cut strips of bamboo, mixtures of thit-see resin with clay and ash are carefully built-up and finally polished with the ash of fossil wood.

What is the art form of Lao PDR?

The Laotians have a variety of regional and rural art forms, including weaving, basketmaking, wood and ivory carving, silverwork, and goldwork. There are a number of musical instruments that are characteristic of the rural Lao as well as the midland and upland minority communities.

What country belongs the Panpoot?

What country belongs Panpoot? It is one of the 10 Flowers – Myanmar traditional arts and crafts. It started in the Bagan period during the 8th century A.D., so its craft is based on the traditional styles of Bagan, Inwa and Yatanapon period.

What is the art painting of Myanmar that shows sceneries objects and figures of humans and animals?

Like other art forms, Myanmar traditional Panchi is the art of painting with gorgeous decorations with varied colors. Myanmar artists traditionally paint the figures of human beings, animals, objects, scenery […]

What is the message of silk painting?

Silk painting is a unique medium for artists to express Vietnam’s mystique and charm into their works. This unique painting style emphasizes softness, grace and elegance as well as flexibility of style. Much of the art’s beauty and success comes down to the quality of silk being used.