What is family card in Indonesia?

How can I get KTP in Indonesia?


  1. Go to the Urban Village Administration Office and bring the required documents stated below.
  2. Submit the documents.
  3. The Head of the Urban Village will accept and examine your documents submitted.
  4. Pay the fee.
  5. The Head of the Urban Village will sign the KTP and perform other administrative processes.

What is a family registration document?

Family Registration Certificate (FRC) is a mean of being identified with your NADRA’s record. … By Birth – The produced certificate will list your family including the details of your parents and siblings. By Marriage – The produced certificate will list your family including the details of your spouse and children.

How do I get a copy of my Indonesian birth certificate?

Birth Certificates

A birth certificate (Akte Kelahiran) may be obtained from the Civil Registry office (Dinas Kependudukan and Catatan Sipil) at the place within whose jurisdiction the birth took place. This certificate is available upon request throughout Indonesia.

Can you work with Kitap?

Holders of a spouse-sponsored KITAP have the right to work as an independent entrepreneur. Article 61 on the Immigration Law provides for this benefit. However, if you begin working with an Indonesian company, you will be issued a work permit by your employer alongside your KITAP.

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What card does Indonesia use?

Using Credit Cards in Indonesia

Most major credit cards are accepted with Visa and MasterCard being the most widely so. AmEx is also accepted in a few places in the major tourist areas, but will not be quite as useful.

Can a foreigner get a KTP in Indonesia?

A foreigner filing for an e-KTP must meet the specified requirements and can apply to the local Civil Population and Recording Service offices. “They must show a KITAP (permanent residence permit card) issued by immigration. If they hold a KITAP, the e-KTP can be issued and it is official,” said Dewa.

Do they sell gift card in Indonesia?

Now gift cards are coming to Indonesia — one of the most populated countries in the world. They’ll be available in 150000, 300000, and 500000 Indonesian Rupiah values (approx $11.37, $22.76, and $37.93, respectively) and will be sold at Indomaret stores.

What is Nik number in Indonesia?

The Customs Identification Number (NIK) in Indonesia is a personal identity number given by the Directorate General of Customs and Excise to users of customs services, such as importers and exporters. This customs number gives customs users the possibility to access or connect with the customs system.

What is family composition example?

Family composition: Two unmarried parents with one child in common and one child not in common. All family members are included in the CCAP family due to meeting the definition of family.

What are the documents required for family member certificate?

Required Documents[edit]

  • Application form : Can be obtained from respective thaasildhaar office.
  • Your identity documents such as Permanent Account Number (PAN), Ration card, Aadhar card.
  • Ration card, EPIC Card.
  • Date of birth certificate such as 10th Standard certificate.
  • Death Certificate (of the deceased)
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