What is largest province in the Philippines?

What are the top 10 largest provinces in the Philippines?

In terms of areas or size, here are the top ten provinces from largest to the least large: Palawan, 17,030.75 square kilometers; Isabela, 12,414.93 sqm; Bukidnon, 12,498.59 sqm; Agusan del Sur, 9,989.52 sqm; Cagayan, 9,295.75 sqm; Quezon, 9,069.60 sqm; Cotabato, 9,008.90 sqm; Negros Occidental, 7,965.21 sqm; Zamboanga …

What is the largest region in the Philippines in terms of land area?

Only 66 kilometers away from Metro Manila, Central Luzon contains the largest plain in the country and is the gateway to the Northern Luzon regions. It covers a total land area of 21,470 square kilometers.

Who owns Philippines Islands?

By the Treaty, Cuba gained its independence and Spain ceded the Philippines, Guam and Puerto Rico to the United States for the sum of US$20 million.

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