What is the contribution of Carlos P Romulo in Philippine literature?

What is the literary works of Carlos P Romulo?

Rómulo’s prolific pen is attested to by his books, such as I Saw the Fall of the Philippines (1942), Mother America (1943), My Brother Americans (1945), I See the Philippines Rise (1946), Crusade in Asia (1955), The Magsaysay Story (1956), I Walk with Heroes (1961), and Identity and Change (1965).

What is the occasion being celebrated when Carlos P Romulo delivered his speech?

Romulo in the celebration of the First Anniversary of the Philippine Independence Day-Banquet and Ball held by the Filipino Community of the City of New York, July 4, 1947.

What is the cause of death of Carlos P Romulo?

Is known as the National Artist for Historical Literature?

Remembering National Artist for Historical Literature Carlos Quirino on his 21st death anniversary. Carlos Quirino is a biographer, has the distinction of having written one of the earliest biographies of Jose Rizal titled The Great Malayan.

What is the contribution of Francisco arcellana?

He is considered an important progenitor of the modern Filipino short story in English. Arcellana pioneered the development of the short story as a lyrical prose-poetic form within Filipino literature. His works are now often taught in tertiary-level syllabi in the Philippines.

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What was originally printed in the Philippine Herald and reprinted in Carlos P Romulo’s book My Brother Americans?

August 16, 1941: Carlos P. Romulo had an editorial printed in the Philippines Herald. Entitled I AM A FILIPINO, it was reprinted in his book MY BROTHER AMERICANS in 1945 in New York by Doubleday & Co.