What is the safest airline in Indonesia?

What is the best airline in Indonesia?

In addition, Garuda Indonesia also won in the category of “Top 5 Travelers’ Major Airline in Asia Pasific” and “Best Airline – Indonesia”.

What is the safest airline plane?

Data: Aviation Safety Network. Comparison between the different manufacturers shows that Embraer is the clear winner: just 0.01 fatal accidents every thousand years of service time.

Why are Indonesia airlines so unsafe?

WHY HAS INDONESIA HAD SO MANY PLANE CRASHES? It’s due to a combination of economic, social and geographical factors. … According to data from the Aviation Safety Network, Indonesia has had 104 civilian airliner accidents with over 1,300 related fatalities since 1945, ranking it as the most dangerous place to fly in Asia.

Are flights to Indonesia safe?

Indonesia – Exercise a high degree of caution

Exercise a high degree of caution in Indonesia due to political and social tensions and the threat of terrorism throughout the country.

Are Garuda Indonesia safe?

Garuda Indonesia has been certified with the highest 5-Star COVID-19 Airline Safety Rating from Skytrax, becoming the first airline in Southeast Asia to currently achieve this recognition.

How many crashes has Garuda had?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This is a list of incidents involving Indonesian airline Garuda Indonesia. The airline suffered 49 incidents.

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How many Indonesian planes have crashed?


Deaths Incident
Tot C
234 12 Garuda Indonesia Flight 152
189 8 Lion Air Flight 610
162 7 Indonesia AirAsia Flight 8501