What is VCL Vietnam?

What does VCL mean?


Acronym Definition
VCL Voluntary Collective License/Licensing
VCL Virtual Coding Layer
VCL Variant Configuration Language (Extensible Markup Language)
VCL Vertical Control Line

What does VL mean in Vietnam?

Ex: lạnh vl = very cold. Pay attention: the word is informal and used by young people.

What does BX mean in Vietnamese?

“bx” stands for: bà xã meaning: wifey. Just so you know that the Vietnamese teens often call their boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife. That’s why they use a lot of ck / vk / ox / bx in their texting.

What does J mean in Vietnamese?

For example, dj = đi, bjet or bjt = biết. Some may write gì as ji or j. … if you were talking about me you’d write T for Thảo). And of course VN is Việt Nam! These are the most common abbreviations for texting in Vietnamese that I’ve come across, though young people may use more than this!

What does ui mean in Vietnamese?

@Gooodiea it’s a way to talk of young people in Vietnam. It means “so cute“.

What does UK mean in Vietnamese?

volume_up. United Kingdom {noun} VI. Vương Quốc Anh.

What does CV mean in Vietnamese?

on the intelligibility of Vietnamese speakers of English.

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