What pistol did the US use in Vietnam?

What was the best gun used in the Vietnam War?

Best Guns of the Vietnam War—Beyond the AK-47 and M16

  • L1A1 Self-Loading Rifle.
  • SKS Semi-Automatic Rifle.
  • M21 Sniper Weapon System.
  • M60 Machine Gun.
  • Sterling Submachine Gun.

Was the M4 used in Vietnam?

Rugged, simple and accurate, the M4 carbine is the standard infantry weapon of not just the Army but all of America’s ground forces. … The story of the M4 goes back to the mid-sixties and the early days of the Vietnam War.

Were ak47 used in Vietnam War?

AK-47, AKM and Type 56 – Captured rifles were used by South Vietnamese and U.S forces.

Is XM4 a real gun?

The original C8s were built by Colt as the Model 725. In 1984, the U.S. government asked Colt to develop a carbine with maximum commonality with the issue M16A2. Colt named the carbine as the XM4. The project would eventually culminate in the development and official adoption of the M4 carbine in 1994.

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