Where can I contact Manila Water?

How do I call Manila Water customer service?

For any comments, complaints or inquiries, you may contact us at our hotline 1627.

How do I call Maynilad?

1800-1000-92837, visit our website contact page https://www.mayniladwater.com.ph/contact-us/, send an SMS to Maynilad’s Text Hotline 0998-8641446, send an email to customer.helpdesk@mayniladwater.com.ph, or visit our social media accounts (Twitter: @maynilad, Facebook: MayniladWater).

How do I call a Maynilad Hotline phone?

If you don’t have the RAP form, you may call the Maynilad Hotline (1626 for Metro Manila and 1800-1000-92837 for Cavite Customers), or proceed to any Maynilad Business Area office, or message us on Facebook or Twitter to inquire about the amount to be paid.

How do I dispute my Manila Water Bill?

To resolve billing issues, please contact our Customer Care Hotline 1627.

Who owns the Manila Water?

How do I complain to Maynilad?


  1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  2. Customer hotline: 1626. Cavite Customers (Toll-free): 1800-1000-WATER.
  3. customer.helpdesk@mayniladwater.com.ph.
  4. +63 998 864 1446.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/MayniladWater.
  6. https://twitter.com/maynilad.

How do you dial 1626 in Maynilad?

They can do this by texting Maynilad<space>ON<space>CAN<space>Account Name to 09191626000. Guided Enrollment – Customers may also register to “My Water Bill” by calling the Maynilad Hotline 1626, or sending a private message to Maynilad’s Facebook page or Twitter account.

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Where can I pay past due Maynilad bills?

You can settle your water bill via any of Maynilad’s online banking, mobile e-wallet, and phone banking payment facilities. Payments are posted within two working days.

1. Online Banking Channels for Maynilad Bill Payment

  • BancNet Online.
  • Bank of Commerce.
  • BDO.
  • BPI.
  • China Bank.
  • EastWest Bank.
  • Metrobank.

Is Manila Water under MWSS?

Manila Water Company holds the exclusive right to provide water and used water services to the eastern side of Metro Manila (“Manila Concession” or “East Zone”) under a Concession Agreement (“CA”) entered into between the Company and Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (“MWSS”) in August 1997.

Who really owns Meralco?

Meralco is led by Chairman and CEO Manuel M. Lopez, whose family, through direct and indirect holdings, retains control of some 25 percent of the company. The Lopez family, one of the country’s most prominent, also controls conglomerate Benpres Holdings and other businesses.