Where do durians grow in Thailand?

Does Thailand grow durian?

Thailand is expected to harvest almost 1 million metric tons of durian in 2021. Durian is native to several tropical climates around the world, including Thailand. Thailand alone grows over 300 varieties, but the most expensive durians are grown in Nonthaburi Province. They’re known as Nont durian.

Where are most durians grown?

The durian is cultivated in Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, and southern Thailand and is seldom exported. Although the durian has a mild sweet flavour, it also has a pungent odour, which has been compared to that of Limburger cheese; for this reason, the fruit is banned from public transportation in some places.

How much is durian in Thailand?

Grade A durian costs around 200 Thai baht [6.37 USD] per kg.

How long does a durian tree take to grow?

Durian trees grown from seed begin to bear fruit at 8-10 years. Grafted trees begin to produce at 4-6 years. It takes about 110-120 days from flowering to harvest. The main fruiting season in Malaysia is from May to August with a minor season from December to February.

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