Which prepaid is the best in Malaysia?

Which prepaid SIM card is best in Malaysia?

One of the best prepaid plans in Malaysia for 2021 is Celcom Xpax. Priced as low as RM10 and with various add-ons to customize data your plan, Celcom Xpax is also one of the cheapest prepaid plans available in Malaysia.

Which is better Digi or Maxis?

In terms of video experience, Digi is the winner at 62.7 points, followed by Maxis at 61.2, U Mobile at 59.3 and Unifi at 57.9. Not surprisingly, we also see the same trend for download speed experience with Digi being the winner at 13.3Mbps, followed by Maxis at 11.9Mbps and U Mobile at 9.6Mbps.

Is Maxis and Hotlink same?

Corporate History. On 19 October 1999, Maxis introduced the prepaid brand “Hotlink”. In 2002, Maxis acquired TimeCel, a rival mobile service provider, from TimedotCom Berhad.

Which network is best in Malaysia?

Maxis came out on top and won the Opensignal Games Experience award with a score of 55.3 out of a possible 100, ahead of Unifi in second place by 3.9 points. Celcom and DiGi followed closely behind, statistically tied with scores just above 50 points, while U Mobile was just one point shy of the 50-point mark.

How long does DiGi Prepaid last?

Prepaid numbers have 75 days or 90 days of grace period after credit expiry, depending on the plan type. Beyond this grace period, the number will be terminated.

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Which phone line is the best in Malaysia?

Overall, Maxis and Celcom dominated across all metrics measured by Opensignal, with Digi consistently scoring third. The report also revealed that U Mobile and Unifi Mobile’s 4G networks are the weakest among all telcos in Malaysia, as the two telcos placed in the last spots in every metric measured.

Which is the best SIM card?

Choosing the best sim card for a postpaid connection.

A comparison between all the four service providers.

Comparison Voice App Experience
Vodafone Idea 84.1
Airtel 95.6
Reliance Jio 98.7
BSNL 57.5