Why you should invest in Myanmar?

Can foreigners invest in Myanmar?

Foreign Investors to be Allowed to Purchase Stocks on the YSX. On 12 July 2019, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Myanmar (SECM) issued an announcement, allowing both foreign and local/foreign entities to purchase stock shares on the Yangon Stock Exchange (YSX).

Which country invest most in Myanmar?

Singapore remains the largest investor in the country, with US$24.1 billion in approved foreign capital. Singapore and Chinese investments alone account for more than half (52 per cent) of all approved foreign capital into Myanmar.

Why is it important for countries to invest?

Some key benefits of foreign direct investment include: Economic Growth. Countries receiving foreign direct investment often experience higher economic growth by opening it up to new markets, as seen in many emerging economies. Job Creation & Employment.

How do I invest in Myanmar stock?

Investor needs to visit preferable securities company and submit the application form to open securities trading account. A Securities Company will issue the Recommendation Letter on next business day, which enable applicant to open special bank accounts for securities trading in Myanmar.

How much is Singapore investing in Myanmar?

Singapore is Myanmar’s second-largest investor after China, with a cumulative investment of US$19.3 billion (S$26 billion)2.

Which countries have invested in Myanmar?

Currently, Burma has attracted investment from Thai, Malaysian, Filipino, Russian, Australian, Indian, and Singaporean companies.

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How much does China invest in Myanmar?

China has been one of the largest sources of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) for Myanmar which reached USD 21 billion as of March 2020. In recent years China began diversifying its investments into several sectors besides energy, oil, and gas.