You asked: How do you grow Thai celery?

How many times can you regrow celery?

Try not to harvest more than 50% of the new growth at a time. How many times can you regrow celery? With proper care you should be able to regrow celery for several months in just water. After a while, you’ll notice it slowing down and eventually will stop regrowing.

Does celery grow back after cutting?

Celery are biennial vegetables, which means that after harvesting the celery for two years, the plants will not grow back. Either pull the remaining stalks out or dig them out of the ground, including the roots.

How do you speed up celery germination?

To speed germination, The Old Farmer’s Almanac recommends soaking the seeds overnight in warm water. Plant the celery seeds by pressing them 1/8 inch deep into the mix.

How do you know when celery is ready to pick?

Begin t harvest the celery when the lower stalks are 6 inches long, but the stalks are still close together. Upper stalks should reach at least 18 inches before they are ready to be picked, with a diameter of 3 inches. To harvest the celery, cut the stalks below where they join together.

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