You asked: Which part of the Philippines is Tawi Tawi?

Is it safe to go to Tawi-Tawi?

Although Tawi-Tawi is now considered generally safe, it is still highly recommended to register first at the tourism office before proceeding with tours in Tawi-Tawi.

Is Tawi-Tawi poor?

Tawi-Tawi is a 4th class province based on income classification5 and belongs to the quartile of Philippine provinces with the highest number of poverty indicators6.

Why Tawi-Tawi is a typhoon free area?

With generally clear water and protected from storms and wave action (Tawi-Tawi is almost typhoon-free), these areas are where seaweed farming is concentrated. Offshore capture fisheries are dominated by commercial boats using superlights and purse seines.

Why is Bangsamoro poor?

Due to a history of instability, Bangsamoro is still a struggling region. The threat of COVID-19 has hindered development and caused a lot of financial devastation. As a result, this contributes to poverty in the Southern Philippines.

Why is ARMM so poor?

Despite its rich natural endowment, ARMM’s poverty reduction record is unfortunate. Many studies have identified the causes: poor governance, feudalism, clan feuds (rido), weak infrastructure, land disputes and, foremost, unstable peace and order.

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