Your question: How many Filipinos die of flu yearly?

How many people died of flu in the Philippines in 2019?

The 4 reported deaths ranged from 2 months to 79 years old (median age of 24 There were no reported deaths among the confirmed influenza cases. There were no reported deaths among the confirmed influenza cases. A total of 392 SARI cases were reported nationwide from January 1 – April 27, 2019.

What is the number 1 cause of death in the Philippines?

In 2019, one of the leading causes of death in the Philippines was ischaemic heart disease impacting approximately 97.48 thousand people. The other four leading causes of death were malignant neoplasms, cerebrovascular disease, pneumonia, and diabetes mellitus.

What are the top 10 causes of death in the Philippines?

The leading causes of death are diseases of the heart, diseases of the vascular system, pneumonias, malignant neoplasms/cancers, all forms of tuberculosis, accidents, COPD and allied conditions, diabetes mellitus, nephritis/nephritic syndrome and other diseases of respiratory system.

How many cases of pneumonia are there in the Philippines?

In 2017, the Philippines’ number of pneumonia cases amounted to approximately 495.2 thousand in the Philippines. The result was a significant decrease compared to the previous year, which had 786.1 thousand cases.

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Why is tuberculosis so common in the Philippines?

The people of the Philippines have many risk factors for latent TB infection and TB disease, including poverty and lack of access to quality health care.

What is 4th leading cause of death?

Lower respiratory infections remained the world’s most deadly communicable disease, ranked as the 4th leading cause of death.

What are the major health problems in the Philippines?

Many Filipinos face diseases such as Tuberculosis, Dengue, Malaria and HIV/AIDS. These diseases pair with protein-energy malnutrition and micronutrient deficiencies that are becoming increasingly common. The population is affected by a high prevalence of obesity along with heart disease.

How Spanish era ended to our country Philippines?

On August 13, 1898, during the Battle of Manila (1898), Americans took control of the city. In December 1898, the Treaty of Paris (1898) was signed, ending the Spanish–American War and selling the Philippines to the United States for $20 million. With this treaty, Spanish rule in the Philippines formally ended.