Your question: Is the father of the Philippine landscape architecture?

What is the role of Ildefonso Santos?

Ildefonso Santiago Santos was a Filipino educator, poet, and linguist. Recognized as one of the finest poets in Tagalog, Santos was also renowned with his translations of Rubaiyat of Omar Khayam and of the Philippine National Anthem, and for his use of the ancient Filipino form of poetry known as Tanaga.

Who gave the concept of landscape design?

John Claudius Loudon was taken with the term Landscape Architecture, praised it in the Gardener’s Magazine and cited Deepdene as an English example. Loudon’s American admirer, Andrew Jackson Downing, took up the term and used it as an equivalent term to Rural Architecture.

What is the style of Ildefonso when it comes to designing?

RECREATING paradise here on earth is the high vision of the newest National Artist for Architecture, Ildefonso P. … Landscape architecture is the art of designing spaces and land spots by incorporating natural elements into the design.

What makes Filipino architecture global?

The Universality of Filipino Architecture:

Filipino architecture has influences of Chinese, Spanish, and American architectural style incorporated within it. One of the most influential trends in Filipino architecture is the Spanish influence who ruled over the island for centuries.

What is the difference between a landscape designer and a landscape architect?

In short, the differences between landscape architecture and landscape design are: Landscape architect needs a degree while landscape designer does not require any certifications. Landscape architect works on more public and larger projects while landscape designer works on residential and smaller projects.

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