Best answer: What is the difference between Thai soy sauce and regular soy sauce?

Is there a difference in soy sauce?

Here’s the main difference between each of them: Light soy sauce (7.2% sodium) – adds salt to a dish but doesn’t stain noodles a deep mahogany colour nor does it add much “soy flavour” Dark soy sauce (9.3% sodium) – must more intense in flavour and saltiness, noodles become a lovely dark colour.

Is kecap manis same as Thai sweet soy sauce?

Sweet soy sauce. Popular in Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand (where the local version is called siew dam), sweet soy sauce or ‘kecap manis’, is a mixture of soy sauce and palm sugar that results in a thick, sticky sauce.

Can I use regular soy sauce instead of dark soy sauce?

Dark Soy Sauce Substitution

If you don’t have dark soy sauce, you can substitute a mixture of regular soy sauce, molasses and sugar, or double black soy sauce.

What sauce do you use for Thai food?

Sriracha Sauce

Sriracha sauce is all the rage right now and has been for the last several years. People seem to put it on every single dish and call it a Thai recipe. Just like how peanut sauce used to be. It’s easy to see the appeal and popularity.

Is there soy in Thai curry?

Yes,it don’t have fish sauce,soy sauce in ingredient. It’s have salt and shrimp paste lightly. Do you find this helpful?

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