Can you smoke shisha in Bangkok?

Is shisha allowed in Bangkok?

Travellers coming to Thailand should also be aware that electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes or ‘vaping’) as well as shisha smoking and electronic shishas, are all illegal in the Kingdom.” There have been recent incidents of foreign travellers who were unaware of the ban facing an on-the-spot fine or being arrested.

Where can I smoke shisha in Bangkok?

The 11 Best Places with Hookah in Bangkok

  • Desi Beats. 139 Soi Thonglor 10 (The Opus Building, 8th Fl), วัฒนา, กรุงเทพมหานคร …
  • DUBAI Restaurant. (DUBAI Restaurant (مطعم و شيشة دبي))
  • Monde. Sukhumvit 39, วัฒนา, กรุงเทพมหานคร …
  • Indus. …
  • Cafe’ 69. …
  • Wanderlust Roof Top. …
  • The Nest Bangkok. …
  • Yenakart Bistro.

Is shisha allowed in Thailand?

Public shisha cafes, which have spread in recent years as its popularity has grown in Pattaya, could have their business licenses revoked. … He added the sale and import of shisha is strictly prohibited in Thailand, and authorities are allowed to confiscate any flavored tobacco and smoking equipment sold publicly.

Is it illegal to smoke shisha?

In summary, a smoking area with a roof and walls where the permanent openings have a total area that is less than the total area of walls will be classified as “substantially enclosed” and will not fall within the provisions of the health legislation as a smoking shelter.

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Is smoking illegal in Thailand?

Although smoking is allowed in Thailand, the Ministry of Public Health in Thailand has stringent rules and regulations about smoking in public. Since 3rd February 2019, the level of these rules has been upped. Failing to abide by the rules, might lead to hefty fines as well as years of imprisonment.

Is shisha haram or halal?

KUCHING: Much like smoking normal cigarettes, shisha or waterpipe smoking has also been recently declared haram (forbidden) for Muslims, and although no action will be taken against the smoker, it will be at the person’s own risk.

Is shisha worse than cigs?

Is shisha safer than cigarettes? … Many people think that drawing tobacco smoke through water makes shisha less harmful than cigarettes, but that’s not true. In a shisha session (which usually lasts 20-80 minutes), a shisha smoker can inhale the same amount of smoke as a cigarette smoker consuming over 100 cigarettes.

Is shisha legal in Nigeria?

In May 2015, the bill prohibiting tobacco smoking in public places in Nigeria – Tobacco Control Bill – was passed into law by the Federal Government of Nigeria3,5. Unfortunately, many public shisha smoking places have opened in major cities across Nigeria, even after the enactment of the Tobacco Control Law3.