Does Cambodia have wild tigers?

Which countries have wild tigers?

In the past, tigers lived across Asia but now they are known to occur in only 13 tiger range countries. These are India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Russia, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam.

Are there big cats in Cambodia?

There are at least seven big cat species that have been recorded in Cambodia such as the leopard cat, fishing cat, Asian golden cat, marbled cat, clouded leopard, Indochinese leopard and tiger, but some are most likely extinct.

What kind of predators are in Cambodia?

Among mammals, wild cattle and deer species as well as predators like tiger and leopard still roam the remote forests of the Eastern Plains Landscape, while a small population of Irrawaddy Dolphin inhabits the Cambodian section of the Mekong River.

What is the top predator in the jungles of Cambodia?

If it succeeds, it may well foster not only the success of the banteng, but other endangered species such as the prime predator of these jungles, the Indochinese tiger (Panthera tigris corbetti).

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