How do I enroll in Manila Water?

How much is the installation fee for Manila Water?

From a standard fee of about P8,160 including the Guaranty Deposit, they are only charged about P3,000 as Maynilad shoulders two-thirds of the cost for the service connection.

How much is the minimum of Manila Water?

Manila Water offers a “lifeline” rate for low-income residential households consuming 10 cubic meters or less per month. These customers enjoy a minimum charge of P83. 14 as long as they consume 10 cubic meters or less per month.

How do I create a Maynilad account?

1. How to Register Online via My Water Bill Portal

  1. Go to the My Water Bill online portal.
  2. Click the Enroll Now > Start buttons.
  3. Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  4. Enter your contract account number. …
  5. Create a password (with a lower case letter, upper case letter, and a special character).

How do I register for Manila Water Online?

Customers only need to register via and enter their account verification details using the details found in any of their bills within the last six months. In the past months, Manila Water also launched its SMS Bill Inquiry and Bill on Demand which customers may continue to use.

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How do I apply for Nawasa?


  1. One (1) valid picture ID of the Applicant (National ID, Passport, Driver’s Licence).
  2. Proof of property ownership or authorisation to occupy the land (Deed of Conveyance, Statutory Declaration).
  3. Completed Application Form.

Is Manila Water a private company?

Manila Water Company, a publicly listed company and a subsidiary of Ayala Corporation, holds the exclusive right to provide water and used water services to over six million people in the Manila Water Concession, particularly the East Zone of Metro Manila and Rizal Province consisting of 23 cities and municipalities.

How much is 1 cubic meter of water in the Philippines?

Effective January 1, 2021, water rates for Manila Water customers will have a Php0. 14 per cubic meter tariff reduction. The Foreign Currency Differential Adjustment (FCDA) is 0.66% of the basic charge or Php0. 19 per cubic meter.

How much is the commercial rate of Manila Water?

Effective April 1, 2021, Manila Water will implement an FCDA of 0.84 percent of its 2021 Average Basic Charge of P28. 52 per cubic meter or P0. 24 per cubic meter.

Does Manila Water have app?

The app, according to Manila Water, allows customers to access their bills and pay online anytime anywhere. … The company assured that all Android users can download the app and can perform all key Manila Water transactions as well as provide notifications on service advisories, news and updates.

How do you call Manila Water?

For any comments, complaints or inquiries, you may contact us at our hotline 1627.

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How can I pay my Manila Water Using GCash?

To be able to do this, you simply need a GCash account with enough funds to cover the bill you have to pay.

  1. Log in to your GCash account.
  2. Tap PAY BILLS.
  4. Select MAYNILAD.
  5. Fill out the form.
  6. Confirm the details.
  7. Take note of the reference number.