Question: How many DBS ATMs are there in Singapore?

How many ATMs does DBS have in Singapore?

DBS has 87 branches in Singapore, 75 branches in Hong Kong, and 62 branches in Thailand.

Did you know?
DBS has 3.5 million ATM card holders among Singapore’s population of 4.2 million
DBS has a total of 1,000 electronic banking terminals in Singapore
DBS?ATM clusters have on average 99.8% uptime rate

How many DBS branches are there in Singapore?

DBS Singapore Branch – 25 Locations & Opening Hours. Founded in 1968, the Singapore-based bank is one of the leading financial services groups in the region, with a presence across 18 markets in Asia.

How many POSB ATMs are there in Singapore?

In addition to the bank branch network and online banking & mobile banking, you can also use one of their 61 VTM machines or 137 Cash Deposit machines, as well as one of the 699 DBS/POSB ATM Cash Withdrawal machines across the island.

Who owns DBS Bank Singapore?

Are POSB and DBS same?

POSB was acquired by DBS, as the Government sought to give DBS enough muscle to become a regional financial powerhouse. POSB was fully acquired by DBS Bank on 16 November 1998 for S$1.6 billion, and POSB ceased to exist as a statutory board under the Ministry of Finance.

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How many branches does DBS have?

DBS is now live in 36 cities with a network of 260 branches – 231 LVB (now DBS) branches & 29 DBS branches.

How many customers does DBS have?

DBS, established in 1968 as the Development Bank of Singapore, has over 5 million retail customers in Singapore.

What is the minimum balance in DBS Bank?

Minimum balance requirement to open a savings account in DBS Bank is Average Monthly Balance of Rs. 5000. You can get high returns up to 4.00% on a savings account.

Is DBS a good bank?

In a first for a Singapore and Asian bank, DBS Bank has overtaken larger, more established banks to be named Best Bank in the World. The prestigious top award was conferred to DBS by Global Finance in its World’s Best Global Banks 2018 Awards.


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