Quick Answer: Can I bring TV from USA to Philippines?

What is the size of TV allowed in flight to Philippines?

Speaking to Expatmedia.net, representatives from Emirates and Etihad said that Filipino travelers are allowed to bring flatscreen TV on flights to the Philippines. Emirates charges a $75 (Dh276) service fee as long as the weight of the TV is not heavier than 32kg and the maximum width of its box is not more than 300cm.

What is the maximum size of TV allowed in flight?

Televisions (TVs)

You can carry TVs as checked baggage on our flights. However, the size of the TV must not exceed more than 55 inches. Selected airports only allow TV size of 32 inches, please check with the airport(s) of your destination(s) for their rules and regulations.

Can you put TV in Balikbayan box?

TV must be in its original box. Tax is already included in the price.

Can I take a 55 inch TV on a plane?

Yes, you can carry it in checked in baggage with safe packaging and with a fragile sticker on the baggage so that it’s handled carefully. it’s mentioned on the Air India website that the linear size of the baggage shouldn’t exceed 62 inches.

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Can I bring home 55 inches TV to Philippines?

I am OFW I want to bring 55 inches TV. How much tax for 55 inches TV? … MANILA — Returning residents and overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) will be allowed to bring in personal and household effects amounting to PHP350,000.00 starting on Tuesday, the Bureau of Customs (BOC) said.

Can I bring a television on a plane?

you can carry any kind of TV LED/LCD TV as part of your checked-in luggage. Passengers are advised to secure any fragile item like a TV with adequate packing in order to withstand the effects of normal baggage handling procedures.

Is TV allowed in Philippine Airlines?

Televisions and other similar items requiring delicate handling may be accepted as checked-in baggage subject to applicable conditions. Plasma/LCD/LED and other television sets (TV) may be accepted as checked-in baggage provided passengers are willing: to be assessed and pay the excess valuation charges.

How do you travel with a TV?


  1. Pack your TV in an appropriate box. If you have the TV’s original box with protective covering and foam, you can reuse all of that. …
  2. Cover the TV. If you have the original dust cover that came with your TV, slide it over your TV. …
  3. Keep the TV upright. …
  4. Label and secure the box.

Can I bring a 32 inch TV on a plane?

Yes if you have placed your 32 TV nicely in your suitcase you can take it on your airlines bu it should be properly packed because the airline will not be responsible for the damage or break of your TV. the suitcase must be within the airline size regulations, so it can be counted as checked baggage.

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Can I put cellphone in Balikbayan box?

The list of special items include: Electronic items like televisions, cell phones, computers, tablets, gaming consoles, gaming controllers and two-way radios. For gadgets with removable batteries, the batteries must be kept together inside the product, which must be turned off.

Is it safe to put gadgets in Balikbayan box?

Based on the new policy, valuable new items (e.g. gadgets, jewellery, appliances, watches etc.) that are sent thru the Balikbayan box should need to be declared and supported with a receipt if it’s brand new.