Quick Answer: How do I get to Singapore Island?

How do you get to other islands in Singapore?

To visit the island, you will need to apply for permission with the National Environmental Agency at least three to four weeks in advance and book a boat ride there separately. You can do this from a number of ferry terminals in the city, like Marina South Pier.

Do you need a passport to go to Lazarus Island?

The two islands Singaporeans are most familiar with are Sentosa and Pulau Tekong. (If you’re a tourist, please don’t try to organise a trip to the latter.)

7 islands near Singapore that Singaporeans don’t need a passport to visit.

Island Cost of trip
Lazarus Island $15
Sisters’ Islands Marine Park $200
Pulau Hantu $300

How long is ferry to St John Island?

When you take the ferry from Marina South Pier, it takes approximately 35-45 minutes to St. John Island.

Can I stay overnight at St John Island?

Unlike Sisters’ Islands and Kusu Island which don’t allow overnight stays, St. John Island has a lodge that you can book if you want to stay overnight on the island. You don’t need to bring your own camping tent, you can actually sleep on a bed!

Is there toilet at Lazarus Island?

Lazarus Island itself does not have any toilets. However, there are toilets in the nearby islands which are just a few minutes of walk away.

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