Quick Answer: How do you pay for bus in Singapore?

Do Singapore buses use debit cards?

Foreign-issued Mastercard or Visa contactless bank cards are accepted for payments on our public transport network. … You may view your travel history and its related fares, including any admin fee charged to your bank card via the TransitLink SimplyGo Portal or TL SimplyGo app.

What can I use to pay bus fare?

SimplyGo links a user’s credit or debit card to the transport providers, which eliminates the need for top-ups. To use the service, commuters simply tap the fare gantries or card readers with their card or mobile phone, which must have Apple Pay, Fitbit Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay installed.

Does Singapore bus accept notes?

2. You can also drop cash (coins or notes) in the cash box in front of the driver as you enter the bus. The driver will print out the ticket for you. However, you have to put in the exact amount as the driver will not be able to refund you any balance.

Can I use my bank card on the bus?

Look for the contactless symbol on your credit or debit card to see if your card is contactless enabled. Then, board a bus with the contactless symbol and instead of paying with cash, simply tap your card or contactless-enabled device onto the reader and wait for the beep.

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How do you pay bus fare with handphone?

No, the fares charged using contactless credit or debit cards are the same as travel card fares. However, concessionary fares and travel passes are not available for usage with contactless credit and debit cards. Are there any additional charges to the fares when using my contactless credit or debit card for transit?

What is the minimum bus fare in Singapore?

Fares for Train and Basic Bus Services

Card Fare Cash Fare Per Ride
Distance (km) Basic Bus LRT
Up to 3.2 $0.92 $1.70
3.3 – 4.2 $1.02 $1.90
4.3 – 5.2 $1.12 $1.90

Can you pay on card on first bus?

Secure contactless payments are now available on all of our buses. Paying with contactless is a simple and secure way to pay for tickets without cash. One tap of your contactless card, Apple Pay or Google Pay and you’re aboard and ready to go, no need to worry about having the right change.