Quick Answer: Who was the first governor general of the Philippines?

Who is the first and last governor general of the Philippines?

Francis Burton Harrison, (born Dec. 18, 1873, New York City—died Nov. 21, 1957, Flemington, N.J., U.S.), U.S. governor general of the Philippines (1913–21) and later adviser to Philippine presidents.

How many governor generals are there in the Philippines?

Under New Spain (1565–1761)

# Name From
11 Pedro Bravo de Acuña May 1602
12 Cristóbal Téllez de Almanza (Real Audiencia) June 24, 1606
13 Rodrigo de Vivero y Aberrucia June 15, 1608
14 Juan de Silva April 1609

Who implemented Filipino First policy?

Filipino First’ (Tagalog: Pilipino Muna) refers to a policy first introduced and implemented by the administration of then Philippine President Carlos P. Garcia.

What country owns the Philippines?

After this, the colony was directly governed by Spain. Spanish rule ended in 1898 with Spain’s defeat in the Spanish–American War. The Philippines then became a territory of the United States.

Who is known as the most cruel governor-general in the Philippines?

Camilo García de Polavieja

The Most Excellent The Marquis of Polavieja
Photograph by Kaulak
113th Governor-General of the Philippines
In office December 13, 1896 – April 15, 1897
Monarch Alfonso XIII of Spain

Was the first Spanish governor-general of the Philippines?

The Philippines was not formally organized as a Spanish colony until 1565 when Philip II appointed Miguel Lopez de Legazpi the first Governor-General.

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