What are the statues in Thailand?

What is the most famous statue in Thailand?

Great Buddha of Thailand

พระพุทธมหานวมินทรศากยมุนีศรีวิเศษชัยชาญ (Phra Phuttha Mahanawamintra Sakayamunee Sri Visejchaicharn)
Type Buddha statue in Maravijaya attitude
Material Concrete
Height 92 metres (302 ft)
Completion date 2008

What is the most famous sculpture in Bangkok?

The Emerald Buddha statue housed in Wat Phra Kaew is the most sacred Buddha image in all of Thailand. The legend of this statue traces its origins to India, about 500 years after the Buddha’s death.

What did Buddha say about statues?

Sit back down, take your place,” the Buddha was said to have told the statue. “After my departure from this world, you will serve as a guide to my followers.”

What are Buddhist mudras?

mudra, Sanskrit Mudrā, (“seal,” “mark,” or “gesture”), in Buddhism and Hinduism, a symbolic gesture of the hands and fingers used either in ceremonies and dance or in sculpture and painting. … A mudra often accompanies the spiritual utterance known as the mantra (q.v.).

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