What do the people of Myanmar eat?

Is Myanmar food healthy?

She says that at its core, Myanmar food is very healthy because it usually follows recipes which use fresh, local produce and a range of herbs and spices that are endlessly good for our health. She says it is easy to avoid unhealthy elements of food and still enjoy the eclectic and tantalizing Burmese cuisine.

Can a Burmese python eat a human?

There have been no human deaths from wild-living Burmese pythons in Florida. … Overall, the risk of attack is very low.

Do Burmese pythons eat rats?

What do Burmese Pythons Eat? … This means that the prey of a Burmese python will change throughout it’s life. Small individuals will feed on small mammals such as mice, rats and other similarly sized fur-bearing animals. They also feed on birds, both domestic and wild.

Are Burmese pythons friendly?

Burmese pythons are one of the five largest snakes in the world. Compared to other giant snakes, they are generally considered docile. … Always have a second person present when handling or feeding pythons longer than 8 feet. It doesn’t take long for a full-grown Burmese python to overpower a person.

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